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Brand Protection

VIBEZ Sunglasses Inc. takes the protection of its brand and intellectual property rights very seriously and aggressively enforces its portfolio of registered and unregistered trademarks.  None of the VIBEZ trademarks or any confusingly similar marks can be used without written consent from VIBEZ Sunglasses LLC.  VIBEZ LLC may use any legal remedies available to curtail trademark infringement as well as the production, sale, and distribution of counterfeit goods.

VIBEZ Sunglasses LLC is interested in any information about lookalike, copy-cat, and/or counterfeit products.  If a deal is too good to be true, the product is likely counterfeit. If you find any such product on a website or an online marketplace, or if you find a suspicious product in a local store or a flea market, please contact our legal team at

For any information or questions about VIBEZ branded products, or any related goods or services, please contact us.

VIBEZ Sunglasses Inc. urges consumers to avoid all counterfeit goods.  Consumers who buy counterfeit goods:

  •  will not get the same quality as authentic branded products;

  •  support criminals and terrorist groups who finance their illegal activities through the sale of counterfeit products;

  • support the manufacture of goods made under inhumane conditions and/or inadequate health and environmental standards; and

  • will pay more taxes to offset the taxes not paid by counterfeiters 

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